No one knows the true origins of the mysterious dagger that is bestowed upon the player, granting them both its power and its curse. Once obtained, the dagger becomes one with its wielder, granting the ability to fire projectiles from their hand. Accompanying this power is the curse of being constantly attacked by the spawn of hell, which swarm the player, increasing in both strength and ferocity. The demon onslaught will persist until the player dies.

The dagger presents the player with multiple strange powers, one being the ability to hold down the left mouse button to throw an onslaught of homing daggers at your foes, or pressing it once to fire off a shotgun-like blast.

Certain stronger demons, when killed, drop red gems. When enough gems are collected by the player, they provide powerful boosts to the dagger's abilities.

Upgrades Edit

The dagger has three known upgrades.

  • Upgrade 1 is obtained by collecting a total of 10 gems.
  • Upgrade 2 is obtained by collection a total of 70 gems.
  • Upgrade 3 is obtained by holding a total 150 homing daggers.

Once the third upgrade is obtained, the homing daggers are all consumed. Using your homing daggers before having the third upgrade will make you lose progress towards the third upgrade.